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Calgary Flood 2013

Aviva Overland Water Protection

On February 19 Canadianunderwriter.ca reported that Aviva Canada will start to offer homeowners an overland water endorsement insuring losses arising from the accumulation or run off of surface waters. This bold announcement will make Aviva the only insurance company in Canada to offer this type of coverage (...)

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Snow Removal

Snow removal: Who’s responsible?

Winter has clearly arrived, which means the snow and ice have started to build up. And while renters might assume that their landlord is responsible for shoveling snow and other winter weather maintenance, that’s not necessarily true (...)

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Snow Storm Driving

Snow Storm – Are you covered?

Winter has arrived, and to kick off the season with a bang Buffalo, NY got hit hard. If that 90-inch snow storm has left you feeling worried about the challenge of digging out your car or driveway, or perhaps it's made you question your homeowners insurance policy (...)

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burglaries and thefts

Burglaries – What Can You Do To Prevent Them From Happening

Nothing is quite as heart wrenching as realizing your home has been broken into. Your house is supposed to be your safe haven, your sanctuary, your little corner of the world where you can feel comfortable and secure. It can be heart wrenching to have your belongings stolen, but what’s more devastating is the feeling of violation and loss of security (...)

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