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Travel Insurance For Canadians

If you’re heading to a tropical beach, cross-border shopping or visiting family or friends in another province or country away from Canada—your full provincial healthcare plan won’t go with you. That means, if you experience a medical emergency away from home, you’ll be left to arrange for care and pay for it too.

Did You Know?

Without travel insurance, you’re facing numbers like these on you own. Nobody wants to deal with medical bills and debt collectors after a holiday.

  • Average cost in a US hospital is $10,000 USD/day
  • If you get sick or injured outside of Canada, the government covers less than 10% of the total cost
  • A minor ear infection can cost thousands if you have to reschedule your flight
Credit Card Insurance

Most credit card companies lead you to believe that they provide a comprehensive travel insurance package included with the membership of their card. However, a large majority of these carriers have replaced “emergency travel medical insurance” with “Travel Accident insurance”. This is a much different product and doesn’t offer the full protection you need when travelling. Travel accident coverage only provides a predetermined lump sump in the event of a specific injury or death, as a result of an accident only while traveling.

Emergency Medical 

No one ever plans to need medical care while away; but if you do experience misadventures on your trip, Emergency Medical Insurance covers hospital and doctors’ fees, prescriptions, emergency transportation and more.

Trip Cancellation 

Life is full of surprises and so is travel! You can’t predict a natural disaster, job loss or the death of a family member or friend. When an unexpected event prevents you from travelling, this coverage steps in.

Trip Interruption

110% sure you’re not going to cancel your travel plans? What if something happens while you’re already away? Trip Interruption Insurance will reimburse your travel costs if your plans are disrupted after the trip has begun.

Baggage Insurance

Avoid getting caught with only the clothes on your back! No one wants to wear that gift shop shirt for a week until the bags arrive. With Baggage Insurance, you’ll be able to get the essential things you need, while on your trip.

Rental Car Protection

You want your rental car to be covered for damage or loss no matter where you’re headed. Rental Car Protection ensures a smooth road ahead.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Within Canada and abroad, Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance protects your estate and beneficiary in the unfortunate event of your death or dismemberment.

Non-Medical Package

Don’t need Emergency Medical insurance coverage? Our Non-Medical package protects you for missed flights, lost baggage and more!

Pre-Existing Condition

If you already have a medical condition, you can still get coverage. For example, you may have diabetes or be on medication for your blood pressure. 

Extreme Sport Coverage Available

At HMS Insurance, we’ve got you covered, even for extreme activities! You can hike, zipline, bungee jump or even para-sail over water and still be protected under our standard Emergency Medical Insurance or Visitor to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance. And for you more adventurous types, take your travels to the extreme, with our Optional Sports Coverages. Below are the activities that we would be willing to insure:

Contact Sport Coverage

Austrailian Football Insurance
Boxing Insurance
Football Insurance
Ice Hockey Insurance
Lacrosse Insurance
Rugby Insurance

This is an additional premium of $30 per person or $60 per family.

Adeventure Sports Coverage

Back Country Skiing Insurance
Back Country Snowboarding Insurance
Back Country Snowshoeing Insurance
Bobsledding Insurance
Canyoning / Canyoneering Insurance
Downhill Freestyle Skiing Insurance
Downhill Snowboarding in Organized Contests Insurance
Downhill Longboarding Insurance
Downhill Mountain Biking Insurance
Downhill Skating Insurance
Endurance Activities over 6 hours Insurance
Mountaineering up to 6,000m Insurance
Flying as a Pilot or Passenger in a Glider or Ultralight Insurance
Hang Gliding Insurance
High Risk Snowmobiling Insurance
Ice Climbing Insurance
Luge / Skeleton Insurance
Non-motorized X Games Insurance
Skydiving Insurance
Paragliding Insurance
Paramotoring Insurance
Parasailing Insurance
Snow Kiting Insurance
Aerobatic / stunt Flying Insurance

This is an additional premium of $75 per person or $150 per family.

Extreme Sports Coverage

Not Certified Scuba Diving Insurance
Scuba Diving Over 30m Insurance
Base Jumping Insurance
Bull Riding Insurance
Rodeo Insurance
Running with the Bulls Insurance
Motorized Speed Contests Insurance
Motorized X Games Sports Insurance
Mountaineering over 6,000m Insurance
Ultimate Fighting (UFC) or Mixed martial Arts Insurance
Wingsuit Jumping Insurance

This is an additional premium of $300 per person or $600 per family.

Excluded Activities

Out-of-bounds Skiing, Snowboarding, or Snowshoeing
We will cover any of the sports listed above, unless you bought the applicable coverage.

Companies That We Offer

TuGo Insurance

TuGo is a Canadian travel insurance provider that has been operating for over 50 years. Previously called Travel Underwriters and re-branded to Tugo in 2015, and has now become one of Canada’s top 50 best managed companies. Specializing exclusively in insurance and assistance for travel’s ups and downs. The most important part of their business is you! Visit their website for more details:


Can-Am Insurance

Can-Am specializes in the management and administration of travel insurance. For over 20 years, they’ve provided brokers with competitive and reliable options so they can deliver the highest quality service to their clients. Committed to first-rate customer service and driven by technological innovation, Can-Am delivers the right coverage at the right price. Visit their website for more details: