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Farm Insurance

Farming isn’t like any other business, and at HMS Insurance we understand that. We can provide customized policies that fit your needs, from small hobby farms to larger acreages or livestock operations. All of our brokers grew up in rural centers and would be happy to answer any questions regarding your farming operation and provide a free, no-obligation quote. Our basic farm policies offer coverage for:

  • Dwellings – Homeowners or rentals
  • Contents
  • Outbuilding and barns
  • Machinery
  • Livestock
  • Produce
  • General liability
  • Pollution liability extensions

  • Replacement cost coverage – what the item would cost in today’s standards
  • Animal show, plowing matches, and fall fair liability
  • Business interruption or loss of income
  • Employer’s liability and voluntary compensation for farm employees
  • Loss of use of farm equipment
  • Increased fire department charges
  • And so much more, give us a call to find out


At HMS Insurance, we believe in taking the time to get to know you and your farm operation and find out exactly what coverage you require.  One of our brokers will come out to your property to review your operation and make sure that your insurance is tailored specifically to your needs. We know that the needs of a large commercial farming operation are far different than those of a hobby farm, and that poultry farmers need different coverage than produce or hog farmers.

Our brokers know exactly what to look for, and will conduct a thorough review of your property to ensure that you are getting the quote for the insurance you need. It will also allow us to access the value of your buildings and entire operation. Give us a call to get a free no obligation quote.