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Classic Auto Insurance

Classic auto insurance is called different things by different people. Some call it antique auto insurance, others call it vintage car insurance or collector car insurance, and some just call it old car insurance. But the purpose is essentially the same ─ to protect your older car or classic vehicle, as well as yourself and others, from the hazards of the road and the inevitable risks that come with owning an automobile.

One of the key insurance considerations is this the limited usage. You can’t use the vehicle for daily driving, and you must have a regular use vehicle insured and on the road.  As far as age, generally classic vehicles are considered anything over 15 years old, however exceptions can be made for some modified and newer vehicles (sometimes called “modern classics” or “future classics”).

With classic auto insurance the premiums are also considerably cheaper than daily driver insurance. According to Hagerty Insurance, classic auto insurance on average is 41% lower than daily driver insurance. 

Insurance Requirements

Low usage, minimal driving to work (if any)
Access to a regular use vehicle
Must have a current appraisal (not always required) and photos
On average the vehicle must be at least 15 years old (exceptions can apply)
The vehicle must be considered a collector’s item
Must carry Liability and Accident Benefits coverage.
Must have an OPCF 19 or an OPCF 19A.
Maximum annual mileage is 5000 kms

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