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High Risk Auto Insurance

Having a tough time finding insurance? You may need high risk auto Insurance but you’ve come to the right place – HMS insurance is here to save you from the troubles of obtaining auto insurance.

Let us find you the right coverage at the most competitive price. We have partnerships with a few high risk auto insurance providers in Ontario so if anyone can find you insurance, it will be us. Our dedicated insurance brokers will help unlucky drivers with previous claims, accidents, multiple tickets, license suspensions and impaired driving convictions, find cost effective car insurance again.

We’re also proud to serve drivers in all regions of Ontario. You can trust us to put our knowledge, experience and range of high risk auto insurance options to work for you. If expert, high risk auto insurance is what you’re looking for in Ontario, contact HMS Insurance and get the right insurance advice.

We can assist the following drivers find high risk car insurance in Ontario:

Impaired or criminal related convictions
Frequent claims or accidents
Drivers with multiple tickets
License suspensions

Did you also know that when you forget to pay your insurance premium and are cancelled for non-payment, that could result in you having a tough time finding insurance? Some insurance companies wrote write policies for someone who has had a cancellation for non-payment within the last 3 years, or they will heavily surcharge your policy.