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myDriving App FAQ

Intact’s myDriving Application – FAQ

Intact’s myDriving discount has been around for quite some time monitoring your braking, acceleration, and what time your drive your vehicle. Previously this information was tracked via a plugin device that was installed into your vehicle, but as of recently this data can now be tracked through a cell phone application. The application allows you to view a road map of each trip you take, including any events (hard braking, rapid acceleration, driving during high risk periods), and see your potential savings.

Below are some common questions and concerns about using your phone to constantly monitor your driving habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to begin the program?
After you sign up, you must download the mobile app to your smartphone. Your login details will be sent to you at the email address associated with your insurance policy. Once logged in, just start driving. Your driving data is automatically recorded and the app will determine your potential discount.

Do I need a data plan?
Yes. You must connect through cellular data to have your driving data uploaded so we can calculate your score and update your potential discount. Your trips will always be saved whether or not you are connected.

What are the other key requirements needed for the app to work?
(1) You must have a compatible smartphone.
(2) Location services in your app settings and phone settings must be turned on to record trips.
(3) To ensure your driving data is collected, make sure your phone battery is charged.
(4) Once a trip has been recorded, confirm whether or not you were the driver, as the app will consider you the driver by default after seven days. Confirming the mode of transport of a trip will allow you to see its score if you were the driver. Please note that you cannot change the mode of transport once you have chosen one.

What if I have to change phones?
If you need to change phones after you have already started your assessment period, you can just download the app on your new phone and continue your assessment from where you left off. You simply log in using the same username and password you already have.

What if I don’t see any data or my results haven’t changed in my dashboard?
Make sure location service is turned on in your app and phone settings. It is mandatory in order for your trips to be recorded and displayed on your dashboard. Should the issue persist, please contact our Customer Care Center for more information at 1-855-251-6977 or email us at mydrivingdiscountontario@intact.ca

Does the app use power from my battery?
Yes. A person that drives between 1 and 2 hours per day may see the battery decrease by approximately 24 to 36%. The decrease varies across different phone models and age of the phone. That’s why it’s important to have your phone charged, as you will not be able to record any trips without battery power.

Does the app use my cellular or Wi-Fi data?
Yes. Downloading the app and the app itself will use your cellular and/or wireless data. The app transfers data to calculate your potential discount. While roaming, unless your data is turned off on your smartphone, data will continue to be transferred.

The app uses approximately 40MB per month so, for a person with a standard 1GB plan, driving about 1 hour per day, this is equivalent to: a) downloading 6 songs on iTunes, b) watching 7 minutes of high-def YouTube content, c) Face-timing for 12 minutes.

The app did not record my trip. What do I do?
It may occasionally happen that the app does not record a trip because of interference with the phone’s GPS, or in areas with low cellular phone signal. If you notice this happening regularly, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-855-251-6977 or email us at mydrivingdiscountontario@intact.ca

For more information about the myDriving discount program you can visit the Intact Insurance Website, or call your HMS broker.