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Professional Liability

Professional Liability – What Is It, And When Do You Need It?

Every occupation comes with its own inherit risks, but any time professional advice is provided to the public that could result in emotional, mental, financial, or physical anguish, there should be a higher duty of care and the correct insurance policies in place. Professional occupations such as lawyers, accountants, healthcare providers, engineers, and even insurance brokers (...)

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Fitness Kettlebell

Fitness and Gym Insurance

Hitting the gym, making gains, looking good, and more importantly being healthy will always be a large role in our lives, but have you ever considered the liability exposures? Whether you operate a fitness facility of some kind or you're a personal trainer, you both need to consider the possible financial set backs due to the lack of insurance coverage (...)

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Hackers Black Hat

Hackers: Affecting Small Businesses

It should be of no surprise that in today's society with technology advances, social media, and new privacy laws, that cyber threats have become a growing concern among businesses. These threats are not just for large retailers either like Walmart or Home Depot, hackers are targeting small businesses as well (...)

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