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Risks for Uber

Uber Insurance Risks, Are You Properly Covered For Ridesharing?

If you aren’t living in a major city perhaps you aren’t aware of Uber, or maybe you’ve heard the name but never really understood what they did. Basically, Uber is an app-based ridesharing service, which means they operate through a smart phone application or web browser. This application allows riders and drivers to connect (...)

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Fire Safety And Escape

Fire Safety: Do you have an Escape Plan?

When a fire occurs in your home there is no time to waste, your exit strategy must be executed calmly and efficiently. With a well planned escape plan and step-by-step instructions, it should give you and your family or co-workers the best odds of escaping the fire safely (...)

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Hitting The Road

Tire Tread Safety

Just as the soles of your shoes wear down as you walk, so does your vehicles tires the more you drive. This in't necessarily a sign of poor driving, but rather an inevitable fact of the lifespan of tires. Failure to address these faulty tires, is thought to be a factor in 1 out of 11 vehicles crashes (9%) per year. Whether it's from blowouts, tread (...)

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