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Unstaffed Gym

Unstaffed or 24hr Gym Insurance

Unstaffed gyms and 24hr gyms are beginning to become more popular. With low monthly memberships, lack of lock-in contracts, and the freedom to be able to workout any time you want, why wouldn’t you consider this a top choice for a place to do your workouts? These gyms can range in scale from large corporations like Anytime Fitness, to single small town gyms, that may only have the population or members to support an unstaffed gym.

One of the largest hurdles in opening an unstaffed or partially staffed gyms is finding insurance. Many Canadian insurance companies are still reluctant to insure these types of facilities. Most will not entertain the idea at all though a few will write a basic commercial policy with exclusions for participants (meaning your members) and sometimes even exclude all professional liability. This even includes other “specialty” fitness programs.

HMS Insurance Inc. has partnered with specialty insurance companies that specialize in fitness facilities. Providing you with the absolute best knowledge of the fitness industry, and more importantly the best coverage fit for your gym. We are an insurance brokerage, so we have lots of options to choose from.

We can write unstaffed facilities (from 1 hour unstaffed gym to 24hrs unstaffed) as long as the correct safety precautions are in place:

  • A keyless entry tracing system
  • Single person access (i.e tailgate system)
  • Surveillance cameras monitoring the facility
  • Emergency call/panic buttons for members

Some important coverage that we offer:

  • Third party liability ($2 million, $3 million, $4 million, or $5 million)
  • Abuse Coverage
  • Related Sub-Contractors included
  • 24 month Business Interruption
  • 8 Point Crime Coverage
  • No co-insurance penalty on property limits
  • Advertising and personal injury liability

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  • We are only able to write policies within Ontario.