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Wedding Insurance

What Everyone Ought to Know About Wedding Insurance

Your wedding is a huge investment – not only financially, but emotionally. No doubt you’ve spent a great deal of time and money planning your day. Wouldn’t you be devastated if something went wrong and your wedding was not able to happen as planned? From a sudden cancellation to stolen gifts to a damaged gown. What better way to protect yourselves financially than to insure your wedding? But what exactly is wedding insurance – and how does it work?

What is wedding insurance?

Just like any other insurance product out there, wedding insurance is designed to protect a couples investment from sudden and accidental losses beyond their control, and reimburses expenses incurred. HMS Insurance has chosen Weddinguard from PAL Insurance as our wedding insurance provider of choice. PAL specializes in event insurance, which means they know much more about what needs to be covered and what doesn’t than a non-specialty insurer. Their package includes:

  • Commercial General Liability including Host Liquor Liability for three 24 hour periods.  Includes coverage for rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and gift opening.
  • Wedding cancellation: Reimbursement of deposits paid or contracted to be paid because of unexpected cancellation of the wedding. Not including a change of heart. In other words, cold feet don’t count.
  • Honeymoon cancellation: Will reimburse if Insured suffers a loss of pre-paid, non-refundable cost of travel due to the cancellation of the actual wedding.
  • Loss deposit: Will pay for non-refundable deposits made to providers of any booked goods or services if they suffer financial failure.
  • Wedding photos and video: Payment of the extra expenses necessary to retake the photos if they cannot be reproduced for any reason including non appearance of the photographer.
  • Bridal attire: Coverage for physical loss or damage to the bridal attire once the property is in the care of the Insured.
  • Wedding presents: Insurance for direct physical loss or damage to wedding presents (24 hours prior and after the wedding) while property is at the couples home or reception location or in transit between the two.
  • Rings: Covers physical loss or damage to wedding bands. Coverage starts 7 days prior to wedding.
  • Wedding Cake and Flowers: Direct physical damage or loss to the wedding cake or flowers seven days prior to the wedding.
  • Wedding Stationary: Physical damage or loss to the wedding stationary prior to the wedding. Includes invitations, RSVP cards, menus and name cards.
  • Rented Property: Reimbursement of direct and physical damage to rented property used during the wedding reception. It includes, but is not limited to, temporary outdoor shelters, such as tents or marquees, tables and chairs, stages, audio and visual equipment.

For more about Weddingguard Coverage, visit PAL’s Website.


Consider these scenarios:

  • You’ve planned the perfect winter wedding. But on wedding day, the reception site is made inaccessible by an ice storm, and more than 50% of your guests can’t attend. With PAL’s Weddingguard, the couple can postpone their wedding and receive every penny they lost (less the deductible)—including money for the invites, cake, catering, attire and nonrefundable deposits for ceremony musicians, a floral designer and other vendors.
  • The bride’s father is injured in a car accident just before the wedding and cannot travel. If the couple has to postpone their wedding, PAL’s Wedingguard insurance could pay back their expenses to enable them to have the wedding when the father recovers.
  • Right before the ceremony, the bride is overly excited, and isn’t being careful with her bridal dress. The dress ends up being placed on a lit candle and the dress instantly goes up in flames. Fortunately, PAL’s Weddingguard covers the replacement of the veil and gown.

PAL’s Weddingguard policy Wordings.

insurance could make a great wedding gift

Who needs more plates? If you are family or close friends of a soon-to-be-married couple, and are planning on getting them a nice gift, offer to cover their wedding insurance for them or pool together and make it a gift from a few people. This is a great gift idea for a couple holding a destination wedding that you and some of their friends may not be able to attend. The couple needs to ask us for a quote and take out the insurance, as only they really know how much the wedding costs and what the details are.

Contact us today for more information about Weddinguard wedding insurance – and give yourself or a loved one some peace of mind for the big day.