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Protecting Home Vacation

Protecting your Car & Home While On Vacation

Are you a regular snowbird? Or perhaps you’re planning a vacation? Here are some tips to make sure you have the right coverage in place for your home and vehicle, and also some loss prevention tips to protect your home while you’re away too.

Your vehicle and/or rental while away from home

   If I decide to drive my car to the U.S., is my existing auto insurance still valid?
Yes! Throughout Continental U.S., your Canadian auto insurance provides full coverage. However, some companies have restrictions on the length of time the vehicle is out of the country. Contact an HMS office so we can review your policy.

   Do I need additional insurance on a rental vehicle I am taking outside of Canada?
Generally your existing auto insurance policy will automatically extend third party liability coverage to a rental. Regarding collision and comprehensive coverage (OPCF 27), check with your insurance provider to see what coverage you have on your existing auto policy. Any limits on your existing auto policy will also extend to the rental vehicle. To be safe, contact an HMS office so we can review your policy.

   I am leaving my car parked at home for several months. Should I cancel my insurance?
No. If your vehicle is parked in a safe and secure place, such as a parking garage, you may be able to remove liability and collision coverage from your policy. This will reduce your coverage to fire and theft. If you lease or finance your vehicle, most financing rules require you to maintain full coverage.

Protecting your home while away

   What can I do to protect my home while I am away?
To prevent water damage, turn off the main water supply, open your taps and drain any water remaining in the pipes. If you go away for a long time, add anti-freeze to your drains and toilets. Arrange for a trusted neighbour or friend to check up on your house. Have them bring in your mail and alternate leaving lights on. Some insurance companies require someone to check in on your home on a regular basis. Each insurance company has very specific guidelines they would like met while your away from your home, so contact an HMS office so we can review your policy.