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Drone Insurance

Drone Insurance – Drones Take Flight – How Will You Be Covered?

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drone’s as they’re commonly known have begun to increase, and so has the demand for insuring these units. Transport Canada has strict guidelines and conditions that need to be met, which very from every type of aircraft, its weight, as well as how and where you plan to use it.

What are the regulations?

 Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)
You need to apply for one of these certificates if your drone falls into any of these categories:
– Weighs over 35kgs
– Used commercially and weighs over 25kgs
– Weighs between 2.1kgs and 25kgs, but does not meet the exception requirements
– Weighs less than 2kgs, but does not meet the exception requirements

Liability Insurance

According to Transport Canada your aircraft must carry a minimum of $100,000 liability. However, we always recommend more coverage and possibly some physical damage like all risks or fire & theft. UAV’s can get expensive and its important to insure your investment.

Drone Insurance

If you currently have a commercial general liability policy in place, you may think that your policy will extend to a drone if you’re using it for business purposes – this is not true. Most, if not all, commercial policies carry a aircraft exclusion that excludes any aircraft operations. A new aircraft policy would need to be arranged for your UAV, which will cover you for:

First-party property coverage – for theft or damage to the drone and any ground equipment used to operate it, or any electronics or components (payload) carried

 Third-party liability coverage – for property damage and bodily injury caused by the drone, premises liability at locations used in connection with scheduled aircraft, as well as medical expenses

 Additional coverage extensions – which may include malicious damage, system hacking, and personal injury

If you’re planning on getting a UAV and are unsure of the regulations or would like to set up an insurance policy, please give one of our offices a call or  fill out the contact form below so we can begin to prepare a quote for you.

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  • We are only able to write policies within Ontario.